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2nd diagnosis journey part 2

Children whose elder siblings have ASD have 3.7 times higher odds of having ADHD.

Children whose elder siblings have ADHD have 4 times higher odds risk of having ADHD.

Children whose elder siblings have ASD have around a 30% higher risk of having ASD themselves.

Our youngest went for a computer based concentration test recently (early April 2021). He seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, but did find it very hard to concentrate even though it was on a computer. The test involved him tapping some keys, identifying if circles had an 'x' in them or not.

Again the clinic he is attending in Dublin have been well organised, very pleasant and very child friendly. The staff have been very patient and engaging. Light years away from the clinic with our first son.

This week, 2 weeks after his test, we've received no diagnosis but have received an invite from the clinic to attend an online (COVID friendly) seminar for parents with children who have sensory issues. We aren't sure if this is ahead of a diagnosis or if as our son is going through the testing process, whether we are automatically included on the listing. Either way, we'll be attending as we may be able to gain further insight with helping our eldest as a minimum.

One month after his test, the results are in. No ADHD, he scored too low in two of the three markers. Though the psychologist said this was surprising, as after meeting with him (number two), he thought it was a formality. Goes to show you how surprising children are. The investigations will continue with regards to a 'sensory issue'. In truth there still remains the potential that he has picked up or learned behavior from his older brother.

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