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We are two parents (mum and dad) to two wonderful boys. The first born in 2011, the second in 2014. This blog is purely our own experiences and developed opinions - not 'the roadmap' for your journey. It's our journey so far.
Our eldest was diagnosed with ADHD & ASD in the later part of 2019. This is a summary of our journey from beginning to recognise that there may be an issue, finding and getting a diagnosis, dealing with a diagnosis (and all it brings), and lastly a diary of our continued journey.
We've put this together (and will be putting this together), in a continued attempt to help us deal with our own feelings but also to act as a possible tool for other parents that may be travelling along a similar route. You are not alone. If you've just begun your odyssey, you are most definitely not alone.  
We've been labelled 'bad parents'. Our eldest has been labelled the 'bold child', the 'angry one' and much more. We've been judged, witnessed people recording/photographing our child in meltdown, we've been sneered at, our child removed from creche and education support facilities, dreaded answering the phone every time the school called but we've also found some great advocates and support along the way.
I must say from the outset, our own children are very communicative - closer to the old term of 'aspergers' than being at the high scale of the Autistic Spectrum. Attending main stream school, participating in the local GAA, badminton and Karate clubs. We are blessed. 
2020 and our COVID experience with lockdown etc has proved good and bad.

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